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Pura Vida: Traveling to San Jose, Costa Rica!

Yesterday was my very first time in the air and out of the US. Seeing Chicago fade away in the distance from the air was breathtaking. The plane ride was smoother than I expected, and watching the sun set as we flew over Cuba was an experience like no other. The day was full of adventure and it marked the beginning of my travels!

This summer of 2017, I decided to take a short two and a half week study abroad humanities course in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Today was the first day in San Jose and we got a tour of this amazing city. The people here are family oriented and warm. The city is colorful and life on the streets never stops.

The roads are always full of buses, taxis and lots of motorcycles crossing each other constantly. Driving here is nothing like in the US!

The stores open up early and everyone walks up and down the plazas all day. The smell of food floods the streets and everyone tries to sell you things every few steps. The scene reminds me of Little Village in Chicago, except Little Village is a Mexican dominated neighborhood.

The heat is cruel at times but the rainfall in the afternoon soothes the atmosphere.

Here in Costa Rica, people live by the motto “Pura Vida,” which means that everything is good and life is about enjoying it.

I am looking forward to these two and a half weeks in this tropical weather, learning about the culture and participating in service projects.

Check out more photos of this trip on my website. Enjoy!


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