Get to know me: Beyond the lense


What is a city girl doing in Mount Pleasant?

Being born and raised in Chicago, IL, I am used to busy streets, loud traffic and lights 24/7. I grew up hearing planes leave Midway Airport every five minutes and train horns wailing at midnight behind the alley.

Home was never quiet for me until Central Michigan University opened its doors for me in Mount Pleasant.

I am studying Photojournalism and Spanish, along with Latin American Culture here at CMU. Not only are these my career paths, they are my passions.

My love for photography is what brought me to CMU with its Photojournalism major. I really wanted to be a photographer but I wanted something more. I wanted to tell stories through my photos. Showing people the world through my work is what I want to do with my life.

Being Hispanic, another of my interests is Spanish. Not only is it my first language, it is an important aspect of my culture. I hope to use Spanish as a way to connect with not only my family, but people of different countries in Latin America that I hope to visit.

Like most, I am here to accomplish my goals through hard work, passion and commitment. This blog is for my assignments for journalism and it serves as a portfolio for all the work I do.

I do miss the Windy City, but I consider CMU a new home. My time here is a retreat from the city to learn and grow as a student into a photojournalist.


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